Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Must-read!

Today, I have a wonderful resource to recommend to you.
20 Days To Being A More Mindful Mother
This is a wonderful, wonderful resource that encourages you to dig deep in your quiet time. Carrie, who has written this resource has shared it freely at her blog The Parenting Passageway

This resource will encourage you to think about 'Mindful Parenting'- Something I think we all strive for, but Carrie also provides concrete, practical advice; which is something I have really benefited from.
This 20 day program is also something I would recommend to those new to Wladorf education. Waldorf is a whole way of life & Carrie speaks so eloquently about this.
Head on over; I am sure you will be as thankful as I am for this wonderful resource, which should surely be a book!


Leah said...

Oooh thank you for this - look forward to reading it. I was at the 'Above Rubies' retreat last week and hung out with the lovely Jo Child, we talked about your blog lots and how lovely you are :) Blessings x

Mama Goose said...

No problem! nice to meet you ;) We so enjoyed that book by Elsa Beskow that you have posted.

Lynn said...

Thank you ladies : )

stefndawniy said...

thank you for sharing that :-) x