Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Playtime Part Two

Today I thought I would share the toys in our home. This is in no way meant to be a list of recommendations -simply sharing what is in our home.


this gets a lot of use. various gnomes & animals & fairies live /visit here : )

Shells, nuts, pebbles

these are used as money, food, all sorts of things. Often used with playsilks to form various scenes

The dollies pram, seen here with 'everyone's' baby : )

The Rainbow stacker

This still gets a lot of play & is often used to build things with.


these are used often with the playsilks. A blue may be layed out as the sea, a green for the land, then the homes are placed on just so.

Wooden / knitted / felt / glass / plastic (!) animals

The Rabbit Family

Assorted home made dogs, felt balls & beanbags


Much used in conjunction with playsilks & animals.

Basket containing Playsilks & Dolly Slings

Wooden Pull-Along Trolley

complete with tiger, who is enjoying his ride : )

Ride - on Ladybird

Much loved & well used. This toy is usually now used by a child holding a plate as a 'steering wheel' instead of holding the handle bar : )

Washing Line

Sensory Table

Here it is filled with sunflower seeds. The contents change periodically. The Wooden hedgehogs like to play in here : )

Finally, or much loved dolls:
Lark & Baby Angela joining in our before bed candletime, with a rather tired out Miss Rose

If you wish to be inspired to take a different path with your children's toys (as I was recently) Toymaking with Children is a classic book to read on the topic.
The book contains several essays on the value & importance of play and the nature of appropriate play from a Waldorf perspective. Outdoor play, playing with dolls & 'tidy up time' is discussed.
The author gives full instructions for *lots* of toys -dolls, knitted toys, wooden toys, playstands etc etc.
This is a wonderfully inspiring little book!


Tonya Gunn said...

Thank you for sharing. I had a picture of that ladybug on our refrigerator for a long time for my husband to make something similar with a half log.
We make lots of our toys - but our household toys look very similar.

Franbles said...

I love the tree house- fabulous for the imagination. Had to smile at the (plastic). :) Thanks for sharing - inspirational!

Jeanne said...

Jemimah is desperate for a washing line. She also wants an ironing board and a real iron...

Now if she'd only do the real ironing!!

Sarah said...

Hi Lynn
Thanks for this, what a nice set of things the girls have to play with. Makes me realise I still have some way to go on de-cluttering our home, but at least we don't have any (noisy, flashing) plastic tat ;)
See you soon, Sarah